11BPX PRO with RA03TL x2 Receiver


Hybrid system that uses DMSS2.4GHz system and allows mode change of PWM11ch and all port XBus output

■ Equipped with a new circuit and firmware that allows for smoother XBUS servo settings.
■ Equipped with dual battery system. A highly efficient system that monitors the voltage of two connected batteries and switches the power supply in a well-balanced manner to prevent unbalanced power consumption.
■ Build a dual receiver system by installing two DMSS sub-receivers RA03TL
■ Equipped with electronic switch
■ Maximum current capacity of 60A
■ Equipped with easy bind system
■ 12V super high voltage compatible

*This product does not have a regulator function. When using a 12V battery, be sure to use a 12V compatible servo.

[Caution] Please do not connect a regulator between the battery and receiver.

■ Product body
■ Switch harness E
■ RA03TL x2
■ RG cable x2
■ Power connector x2
■ Instruction manual
■ Dimensions: 1.57 x 2.99 x 0.65 in / 40 x 76 x 16.5 mm
■ Weight: 0.25oz / 6.95g
■ Operating voltage: 12.6V or less
■ Communication method: DMSS 2.4GHz
■ Connection ports: 11ports (PWM 1-11ch / all XBUS)

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