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■ CNC machined and painted transmitter case components
■ Quick response touch screen
■ Precise CNC & Plastic Hybrid gimbals
■ High resolution Stick Control
■ The latest Android format & new main mother board
■ 22 channels in PWM mode / 64 channels in XBUS
■ The latest XBUS communication installed
■ Upgraded telemetry sensor capability/each telemetry function can handle 8 sensors
■ Voice alerts
■ XBUS Servo Programmer installed
■ Sequencer function for landing gear
■ SD Card slot available
■ USB Port Equipped (Capable to use PC Mouse operation)

please pre-order / CE approval is under processing

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Inheriting the performance of the world’s most reliable JR PROPO DMSS 2.4GHz R/C system ‘ELITE’. The lightweight version of MATRIX22 is the new arrival of the DMSS radio series.

Equipped with a stable application control OS-A and OS-B for communication control, further programming accumulated from JR PROPO’s 40-year history. The performance on the processing speed of the program is greatly improved.

The easy-to-handle flat design creates the ultimatein operability. The 2.5mm front metal garnish and metal gimbal base maintain rigidity and reduce weight with a plastic gimbal.

The radio control method can be selected between the conventional PWM method and the JR own serial protocol bus communicationof XBus.

The XBus function isequipped with a servo ID scanning function that makes it easy to check the settingof Servo ID that could not be confirmed with previous transmitters.