RG612BX 2K receiver


The DMSS 2.4GHz6ch receiver RG612BX is a small receiver that supports the XBus system and has excellent expandability.
The blister case is lightweight and slim, making it ideal for aircraft such as gliders where weight is a concern.

RA03TL (EA031) Sub-receiver This is another receiver that eliminates blind spots in the receiving antenna.
RA03TL (EA031) is equipped with the same RF board as the receiver.

■ PWM output channel: 1ch – 6ch
■ Telemetry communication: Yes
■ Dimensions: 12.5 x 18.5 x 42mm
■ Weight: 9g
■ System/Receiving System: 6 channel DMSS System with XBus
■ PWM output channel/PWM OUTPUT: 1ch to 6ch
■ Operating Voltage: 4.5-8.5V
■ Antenna Diversity Model
■ Antenna: Coaxial potion/105mm: Antenna potion/25mm
■ Telemetry
■ Easy BIND system
■ Light case

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