S3411 2K servo mini programmable



■ [Torque]5.9 (6.6V)/6.6 (7.4V)/7.5 (8.4V)kg・cm
■ [Speed] 0.18 (6.6V)/0.16 (7.4V)/0.14 (8.4V) Sec/60°
■ [Weight] 30g
■ [Dimensions] 33 x 15 x 26.5 mm
■ [Lead length] 300mm
■ [Operating voltage] 4.5V – 8.5V
■ [Neutral frequency] 1500μSec.
■ [Control frequency] XBUS: 2KHz / PWM: 333Hz
■ [Application] ~60” 3D acro/biplane F3A aircraft/pylon aircraft
■ Equipped with coreless motor
■ Programmable (slow start: ON)
■ Metal gear
■ Wide voltage
■ Double ball bearing (φ10/φ7)
■ Operating angle: 120°/180° (150°/can be set with XBUS SERVO PROGRAMMER)

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The XBus compatible programmable mini servo S3411 is equipped with 2K firmware.

Furthermore, in addition to a newly designed control amplifier that is resistant to heat, all gears are made of 7075 aluminum and coated with titanium, dramatically improving wear resistance. Of course, the holding force and damping adjustment can be changed according to the characteristics of the aircraft using the XBUS computer programmable function. The operating angle can also be set to 120° and 180°, and once the set characteristics are stored in the servo body, they can be used with other manufacturer’s radio systems with the same characteristics.

What is 2K servo?
Increased servo control frequency from 1kHz to 2kHz. (*Regardless of PWM connection or XBUS connection) .By doubling the control frequency, movement becomes smoother, and responsiveness, neutral holding power, and initial torque are also improved. We have significantly reduced the occurrence of hunting and achieved a smoother operating feel.

About parameters
The control parameters of this product have been adjusted assuming use at 7.4V or higher. Therefore, if you feel that the suppression is weak or the stopping is difficult when using at a low voltage, please adjust the parameter values in the XBUS settings.

When using other companies’ products other than JR genuine servo horns, some parts may come into contact with the upper case when tightening the servo horn screws. If you use it in this condition, it will put a load on the servo and in the worst case, it may burn out, so please check carefully before use.

Insert a washer between the output gear and the servo horn.