DS181 digital servo

DS181  Wing Servo

DS181 0.16sec/60° 4.3kgcm 22g MG


[Torque] 4.3(4.8V)kg・cm
[Speed] 0.16(4.8V)Sec/60°
[Dimensions] 29×11×30mm
[Weight] 22g
[Wire Length] 50mm
[Voltage Range] 4.8VMetal Gear
With Ball Bearing(dual)

* If used on a large control surface – typically aileron, rudder, elevator or flap on an airplane, Digital servos (DS·MP·MPH series) may move slightly around center while on the ground. This is an expected phenomenon, and will not occur in the air.
* Do not use this servo under the different voltage other than specified

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